Why your website needs a makeover

  • Apr 23, 2015

First impression is the last impression

Design is the backbone of a remarkable online presence. Each day new data is coming out and telling us that design matters. Good content is readable and digestible. But it is good design that invokes appropriate emotions and makes it memorable. Web professionals know this stuff.

A good design makes your website trustworthy. It catches user’s attention and make them read what you offer. A study by Elizabeth Sillence reported that 94% users left a website because of poor design. Only 6% were concerned with its content. Here’s an excerpt from that study:

Our work provides evidence for a staged model of trust in which visual appeal influences early decisions to reject or mistrust sites, whilst credibility and personalization of information content influences the decision to select or trust them.

Web Design & Internet Browsing Statistics

In online world our attention span is less than that of a goldfish. We have only a fraction of a second to catch user’s attention. It’s design that attracts users to read the content. Your content is useless if the design doesn’t draw users. Bad design makes them leave before they read anything.

What is going on in design world these days?

The world today is moving towards a more flat look. Apple and Microsoft have already adopted flat design for all their products. Google is almost finished adopting material design across all its ecosystem. Material design is part flat part skeuomorphic. Every designer whose work is worth looking at, is moving towards flat or material. A look at awwwards.com will give you a glimpse at where the web is going.

There’s a reason behind this. Material design is based on real world experiences and laws of physics. It doesn’t mimic nature, it gives us a natural feel. It lets the content talk to us. Immersive interactions take place. Bad and outdated design becomes an obstacle in browsing experience.

How is Flat/material design different?

Flat design is all about minimalism. It’s about having only what you need, nothing more. It gives users a pleasing user experience.

  1. Big bold typography
  2. High quality storytelling photography
  3. Minimalist approach to design
  4. Effective of geometrical ratios and shapes
  5. Extensive use of negative space
Microsoft website Old Design

This is what Microsoft looked like in March 2008.

Microsoft-website-this is how it looks today

This is how it looks today

Understand that your website isn’t the only site that people visit. They browse all over the web, they know what’s modern and what’s outdated. So don’t think they wouldn’t notice your design. They will, and they will also make a decision based on your design. It’s up to you what action do you want them to take. Leave your website before reading anything, or fill out the contact form.

It’s not just websites, mobile apps are too adopting flat/material. Android Lollipop is an entire operating system based on material design.

Android Lollipop is an entire operating system based on material design.

Latest Android Lollipop is a complete overhaul of OS from Google. Every element in the OS follows material guidelines.

Difference between skeuomorphic and flat design

Difference between skeuomorphic and flat design. Calculator app on iOS 6 vs iOS 7.

10 things your website needs in 2015

  1. Factual and concise copy
  2. Design that follows your brand’s style guide
  3. User centered responsive design
  4. Simple, easy to use navigation system
  5. Use of drop-down menus only in case of emergency
  6. Following flat or material design principles
  7. Legible and readable typography
  8. Use of all-caps only in case of emergency
  9. Fluid and intuitive user interface
  10. Images that tell stories, not distract

Design matters. Google has made it clear with the announcement of its mobile friendly algorithm change5. Google now shows well-designed responsive website before static ones in its search results. Don’t ignore it. Adapt. It will only benefit you.

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