SHOCKING Drop from SERP 1st to Nowhere!

  • Jun 6, 2022

Imagine one morning; you Google search and find out your hard-earned ranking position has suddenly vanished.

In the first place, you may only blame yourself for not doing everything you could to avoid this awful predicament.

We did the same and checked for all circumstances. But what we found was NOTHING.

Two days ago, NetKarma was ranking in the second position for CDAP Digital Advisor, as you will see in the screenshot below.

But currently, it vanished! Netkarma is nowhere for CDAP Digital Advisor, not even on the 10th page of Google.

In half month of a satisfying period, we have ranked for this well-competitive keyword.

As you see in screenshots, on 13th May, we were in position 11th. With the hard work of our SEO and marketing team, we climb from 10 to 2nd.

13th May Ranking in 11th position for Google SERP

On 20th May – Ranking in 10th position for CDAP Digital advisor

On 20th May – Ranking in 9th position for CDAP Advisor

On 30th May –   Ranking in  2nd position for CDAP Digital Advisor and CDAP Advisor

We were just a step away from ranking at the top on this keyword.

As we said beforehand, we have checked for every single issue at respected platforms, including:  

Google Search Center (Google Webmaster)- We have checked for website search engines. But nothing appears.

Spam traffic- We have checked for channels for unusual traffic. Everything is neat as a pin.

Google indexing- We have checked if the Site URL is indexed and verified. It’s perfect.

We have checked for every other problem with the website, but the matter seems clear.

But our organic traffic was dramatically decreased, as you may see in the below screenshot.

After this, we check for the same keyword with a rearrangement of words.

The rearranged long tail phrase appears on the same search engine rank as before (2nd position).

Surprisingly, the ranking on related keywords like CDAP and CDAP advisors is still on the first page.

This blog is for awarding the SEO community with these ranking issues. 

Currently, we are working on issues. We are researching similar cases and will find a solution soon.  However, if you have also witnessed such issues, please share your experience and help us solve them

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