Proximity Marketing for Restaurants!

  • Sep 4, 2019

I happen to bump on to the effectiveness of Bluetooth beacons and their power during an assignment I undertook for CNIB. Needless to say I was blown away by the effectiveness of the tech and how easily it solves so many of the real world problems.  Beacons are the perfect bridge between the Real and Virtual worlds.
Whats a Beacon : True to its name Bluetooth beacon is nothing but a low energy device which emits signals ( known as beacon IDs) with the correct programming on the Apps these Ids can be recognized by devices and an appropriate actions can be initiated on the apps. For example consider a use case of CNIB they are using beacons as accessibility devices to send signal to phones of visually challenged folks giving the information about the place and other details. 
A typical marketing use case can be a restaurant sending push notifications to the users about the specials of the day. So simply speaking you can engage with the users with the content relevant to their current micro location. 

  • You can provide personalized marketing experience like ‘ Hello Mr Stan, Great to see you again, We have specials for you tonight.’
  • Feedback form just before some one exits your place of business. 
  • You can also verify your guests and check the heat maps of frequent visited areas and people. 
  • Push Loyalty programs using Beacons

As you can see the uses are limitless from asset tracking to proximity marketing, The Beacons are here to stay. Needless to stay they will become the OS of our converging world. All you need is a perfect partner to develop the Apps and Experiences for the Beacons corresponding to your business case. We are in a process of developing the Proximity app for Gino’s Pizza and will be deployed soon and will be a first time a major pizza chain in Canada will utilize the power of Beacon Marketing. 

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