6 Golden Rules towards Marketing Automation for Franchise Business

  • Aug 9, 2019

6 Golden Rules towards Marketing Automation for Franchise Business

Its easy to get confused by the marketing Jargon of Big Data Analytics, AI and Machine learning. All these are just are fancy names for efficient means to achieve something basic. In the world driven by data intelligence the at core, each human wants to connect, believe and feel cared about. The winning marketing strategy is to provide your customers with a deeper connection and rewarding experiences. 
With Startup ecosystem going through the roof the traditional businesses still seem to be stuck in 90’s, While the advancement of analytic technologies have been so much so that it makes your mind numb at the pace with which the whole internet scene is growing starting from landing page optimizations, to behavioral funnels to user personas to deadline funnel, It will make your head spin. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose it all. I still think that if you cherry-pick a few of these tools and create a workflow which is simpler and adapts it, it will mean a much stronger customer connect and rewarding experience overall.
Following are the few tools/workflows we suggest for your customer discovery and experience 

  1. Regular Content Generation Workflow: Content goes a long way and your business is a perfect landscape for creating content. Look at your place of business as a studio where you are creating experiences and add the content generation as part of your workflow. Regularly generated Still images, videos and client testimonials will provide a much-needed boost to your digital engagement.  
  2. Know Your Customer: Use the POS data to drive the customer engagement, You should ask for more data from your customer such as their birthdays, emails to send them offers, Customer info helps you to drive brand loyalty and engagement. 
  3. Social Media Done Right: Most businesses don’t leverage the power of social media, They treat social media channels as a community billboard, I strongly suggest you think of social media as an engagement platform rather than the broadcasting platform. The Goal of any digital strategy should be conversations, Your KPI should be the number of conversations rather than a number of posts. 
  4. Feedback and Reputation Management: No one can deny the importance of positive reviews. Generating feedback should be the part of your workflow, It not only helps to understand and hence minimize the negative noise around your business. It helps to amplify the positive sentiment as well. Ask for reviews and encourage motivated users to share happy thoughts online. 
  5. Get Discovered: There are various free tools out there to help you get discovered, Google My Business, Facebook Business, Social channels, Business listing services the list is endless. It just takes one-day effort to have correct business info and pictures available everywhere. Don’t leave any platform, Broadcast yourself. 
  6. Respect Privacy: Privacy is a big concern and no one likes a business eavesdropping or sending too many messages. Don’t creep out your customers by sending too much Spam content or the offers they don’t engage with. Use automated email tools to have an engaging and winning email outreach program. 

Use these tools effectively to create a business experience that not only delivers the value it engages and delights the Consumers.

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