Magic of Google Re-marketing – How effectively you use to build brand and get conversions

  • Apr 26, 2016

Are you familiar with re-marketing? Re-marketing is actually awesome. It is a type of technology that shows your business ads to people who have visited your website, used your mobile app, or given you their email address.

In simple words, after visiting your website, when people visit or shop on other websites, watch videos, use other mobile apps, use social media or search on Google, they will see your business ads. This can be very powerful and beneficial for you.

Why we use Google Re-marketing

People, with their busy schedule, can get easily distracted for any number of reasons and can leave your site. Re-marketing helps you to reach these persons over the period of 30 to 60 days. It reinforces your branding, giving a message to the users every time they see you.

Earlier, simply bidding on keywords and hoping for the best was the only solution. Pay per click advertising has upgraded a long way. With the increase online advertising experience, re-marketing strategies are becoming more important and popular.

Last June, re-marketing was launched worldwide, going through a year’s worth of beta testing. In spite of this, it is still being ignored and underutilized.

How easy is it to implement your Re-marketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSAs)

There are several things you need to do for creating RLSAs.

  • To start with, create a re-marketing list and add a snippet of code (re-marketing tag), that you get from Adwords to every page of your site.
  • Go to the shared library of your account which is on the left hand side of the platform.
  • Navigate to the audience tab and select the option ‘Set-up re-marketing’.
  • The set-up details will be guided to you through email. The detail will tell you where the tag to be placed on every page of your site.
  • This ‘tag’ will tell Adwords to add all the visitors to your site in a new list. Thus, a list of cookies is built up.
  • When visitors visit your page, all the cookies from their browsers are added to your re-marketing list.
  • You have to build minimum of 1000 cookies for your re-marketing list.
  • When all this is done, your first ‘audience’ is created; entitled as ‘All Visitors’.

Why Google re marketing is effective, to make your business successful

Here are five proven ways that re-marketing is hugely important for captivating and brand awareness that will make your business unbelievably successful.

Small investment will make a big deal

It is not too expensive. It display ads at around $10 for 1,000 views. Other displaying ads may cost much less than search ads, but their click-through rate is extremely low.

Re-marketing investment boost repeat visits by 50% to increase conversions by 51%, making your investment minimal.

Without re-marketing, the money and efforts, spent to get visitors to the site would have been wasted.

Instead, re-marketing gave us number of chances with people who were already interested in our brand or what we offered.

Get more leads and conversions

Initially, you used to spend enormous money and efforts to get people to your site with a small percentage of conversion.

Re-marketing changes the strategy completely. For example, a person who tried our product is intent to become a lead more than a person who just read our blog posts.

Hence, re-marketing has increased traffic converting. Also, we can improve our website visitor-to-lead-form-submitted conversion by 51 percent.

converting your audience into more engaged fans

By targeting to the right people, we can increase around 51% in traffic converting.

Re-marketing or Re-targeting gave us a number of chances with our interested visitors and helped us to give people more of what they wanted from us; in our brand or what we offered.

Improvisation on branding

Investing in SEO, may rank you well in search and bring plenty of traffic, but no body remember you.

Re-marketing changed the strategy completely. It increases direct traffic and people found our site through searching for the company brand.

There is a magic in displaying ads which a Google search just can’t reflect.

When the visuals are right, it makes an impact on the visitor’s mind to remember you and your message.

Just start building your brand now through re-marketing.

Maximize your marketing

In an ideal world, a customer may become a loyal customer forever. But, this world is far different than where we are. Many businesses falls doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. So, you always have to do things differently. You can maximize the value of your initial visitors that you got from your amazing content; via search or social!

Re-marketing simply makes your work better. Start building your brand now and you will see your business grow like never before.

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