Step by Step guide on how to use Twitter for Paid Marketing in India

  • Aug 12, 2015

There is no denying the power of twitter broadcast, There have been public outrages against tweets, elections have been lost because of twitter etc etc. So twitter is hugely popular broadcast medium and it breaks all boundaries and makes brands and personalities more accessible to respective consumers and fans.  Since people access twitter to get their daily fix of news / gossip / business info, it becomes a hugely important marketing platform. One thing that makes twitter more engaging than other social networks is that it has clearly defined interest groups and you can easily target your audience.

Following are the other advantages of using Twitter for Marketing.

1. Twitter is ideal for conversion since the users land directly on the landing pages of the website.

2. Still way cheaper than Google PPC. Google PPC rates have skyrocketed and its not even in the reach of various highly competitive small businesses.

3. Special Mobile engagement features. Since Twitter is primarily used on mobile, the ad network has special engagement features for mobile traffic.

The Bigger Question is  How to go about using Twitter?. Since twitter ads are not available for India as yet for small budgets, You need to find workarounds for the same. However if you have a US or other acceptable countries credentials (Such as credit cards) you can setup the campaigns easily. Following is a step by step guide on how to effectively use twitter advertising for India.

Step 1

Select the Type of Engagement : Twitter gives you the options to choose objective of your campaigns, You can choose between Tweet Engagement, Website Clicks, App Installs, Followers and Business Leads.

Select Twitter Paid Campaign Objective

Step 2

Say you chose Website Clicks or Conversions as your Objective. Now you get an option to Create What your Audience Sees, Where they see it and How it is optimized.


Step 3

This is where you create your entire campaign, Twitter gives you all the Creative, Targeting and Budget option on a single screen. However we are breaking it down in following pieces for clear understanding

– Campaign Name and Creative


– Targeting – you get all the options right from Language, Gender, Devices, Platforms to locations


– Budget – Choose an option from Maximum budget, Daily Budget and Bid options


Once these options are set you can add the payment options and your campaign will be live, We recommend tweaking the campaign settings like targets etc if you are not getting desired results. Keeping a close watch on your analytic will also reveal the traffic you are getting from twitter and how much is your campaign successful.

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