Influencer marketing in the real world: DBrand case study

  • Oct 23, 2017

The world has changed pretty drastically in the past ten years. I still find it hard to believe that it’s been ten years since the launch of first iPhone. That single moment changed the course of the technological landscape.

And since that moment, a rapid increase in instant content consumption has changed how the advertising works. In fact, brands are still struggling to adjust their tactics to the new digital reality of the world.

Because everyone is glued to the screens all the time, it’s where the most of the sales are happening today. The 5-inch aluminum-glass slab in your hand is where all the attention is.

The Googles and Facebooks of technology get all the consumer attention and ad dollars. Streaming services like Netflix have long overtaken over TV.

Information is available at the fingertips. People don’t want ads, in reality, they don’t want ads in a sense that they used to be. Blindingly bombarding people with photos and videos of products.

Though I am tempted to shower more thoughts on the digital monetization model of big internet brands and how it affects the overall privacy of a seemingly unsuspecting individual, we can touch on that at a later date.

Right now the idea is to understand how a small-time Canadian brandleverage the power of YouTubers (nickname for video creators on video platform Youtube) and created such a huge market for itself.

It’s important to understand this phenomenon as it reflects on how content consumption is rapidly changing.

So a little background on why this story is more interesting for me, It’s because of the following three reasons:

  1. I am currently working on an e-commerce startup which plans to sell products like Dbrand. They seem motivated by the meteoric rise of the brand and want to replicate the same model.
  2. I too was influenced by the famous YouTubers into buying a Dbrand product. Which honestly is a good product that you don’t need.
  3. I have been consulting an entertainment company which survived on broadcast television and now are forced to launch their content online because of advertising models being shifted to online.

So you can see the pattern, and I am witnessing this shift first hand from all sides of the market.

So Dbrand is a familiar brand to any tech enthusiast, as it has been repeatedly endorsed by the mighty Youtubers like MKBHDMr. Mobile and Linustechtips etc.

I call them mighty YouTubers as they give the tech community their fix for content related to tech. They create tech video reviews of products and tech enthusiasts are hooked.

You will be surprised to note that most of the top tech channel owners endorse Dbrand in almost every video.

Dbrand model of engaging influencers has caused a massive disruption in the mobile accessory market, not only it has created a product which is unique. It has also contributed massively to the digital economy.

Hence Dbrand proves the power of growth hacking and how engaging influencers goes a long way into creating a need and then a market.

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