Content Marketing Still Matters !

  • Apr 5, 2017

The art of Persuasion under the guise of Information is not New  !

Content Marketing is simply the well planned and structured market approach aimed at creating and sharing content or promoting a brand in order to stimulate, attract and retain interests in a particular product or services. Content marketing is very strategic and precise. The history of content marketing dates back to 1895 when magazines provided information to farmers. John Deere is accredited to this success. This magazine called The Furrow is still in circulation in over 40 countries reaching 1.5million readers in 12 several popular languages. Since the dawn of Digital Era more people can now be reached easily and can be motivated towards a purchase decision.

Internet has made content accessible in several formats. Some of these contents includes white-papers and ebooks, videos, infographics, quizzes, lists, how-to guides, webinars, q&a, surveys, interviews, editorials/ op-eds, and podcasts. These contents are mostly posted on blogs. Blogs remains the easiest means of content marketing.

Video is Easy to Digest !

If a picture is worth a 1000 words relatively, a video would worth one million words. Video content marketing is the real deal. Video content marketing has many importance it combines both images and audio same time. Video can come in several formats that easily be uploaded on blogs. Many blog hosts even create the features to import videos directly.

There is no doubt why YouTube is the second most used search engine, simply because of the video contents. Video content marketing offers a lot advantage. SEO can be improved by video. It can also create greater attention from the customers. Just short clips can a visitor on a site for several hours. This will result in higher engagement. For those desiring higher rate of retentions and greater optimizations, video content marketing is the answer. Video has the capacity of creating strong emotional connections. Ultimately, video content marketing will definitely increase customer conversion rates which the goal of every content marketer.

The Business of Content

Content Marketing Platforms (CMPs) are simply software applications that assist content marketers achieve more leads and revenue from content. Basically, CMP guides in strategy, production, distribution (publication and promotion) and analytic. CMP helps in strategizing by guiding on keywords, topics, and audits. It also guides in publication, promotion and sales.

Since the advent of content marketing platforms, content marketing has become effective. Many of these platforms exist such as outbrain, taboola, zemanta, native, nrelate, simplereach, arc, linkwithin, yarpp, igit, nster, zergnet, disqus, yahoo stream ads and linkedIn sponsored updates. These platforms offer similar thing with difference majorly in price. In the end, they all offer same service of marketing content.


Outbrain was founded in 2006. Since then, it has specialized as a content discovery platform that provides a service for recommended links to increase revenue, and website traffic.Outbrain is arguably the most well-known content marketing platform as at now. It is preferred by many bloggers. It has several advantages over other in pricing. The cos-per-click ranges between $0.25–$0.35. This is very good compared to what is obtainable from other similar content marketing platforms. It has options for video contents. Outbrain reaches over 557 million audience per month. This is massive. 80% of the world biggest brands use this platform. Outbrain drives organic traffic, offers analytics and targets audience geographically. Outbrain boasts of being capable of linking highly engaged audience to top publisher websites like CNN, Fox News, Mashable, MSNBC, etc. The cooperation with premium publishers assures the quality of traffic to content and this is a distinct advantage.


Taboola was the first content marketing platform to start video recommendation service. This platform is committed to analyzing video and slides. It offers great advantage to video content marketers. The cost-per-click ranges from $0.25–$0.35; $0.75 for its network of top 30 sites. It offers good pay compared to others. The services offered by Taboola are quite similar to platform like Outbrain & Zemanta. It boasts of a large variety of publishers. They deliver-content including-blog posts, videos & other branded content-to the stable of-publishers, pushing audiences-back to the source of the-content from “Around-the web” as it often-says next to the articles. The search engine will decide where best the articles fits.


Nativo is a bit unique in the business. It does not offer cost-per-click like others; it charges a viewable cost-per-thousand-impression of $10–$18. The platform has the capability of reaching a specific targeted region. Nativo has over 1,700 publishers already on their platforms. Nativo has the potential to-be much more effective-than a regular-ad because blog posts-can earn trust & get new visitors-to opt-in to email.

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