Boost Your Business with App Based CRM Solutions

  • Jul 12, 2018

All of us desire that our respective businesses thrive. There are, however, certain ground rules to follow in any business. Those who desire to make their business achieve new heights, read on.

Listen to Your Customers

Many like to use customer relationship management (CRM) software to tune in to customer feedback, and redress grievances. Since your business is unlikely to be aimed at servicing only a locality, you will need some tool by which your customers reach you, and you can listen to what they desire to see in your product or service. Whether it is additional features, or some modification; you should know of it. How far you are able to implement those changes would be governed by several practical considerations like technical feasibility and costs. This is the way to further growth. Responsiveness is not the only facet to look out for in any CRM software you might choose to install. It should drive your marketing efforts too.

Make it app based for convenience and greater reach: If it is app based, so much the better. You, your team, and your customers know whom to reach out to when an issue surfaces, or when a new requirement arises. Remember, there are dozens of apps which people use to service different requirements. Make sure that the app you opt for has all the features you require to boost your business.

A Complete Business Solution to Create an Unforgettable Experience

A business solution like BasiqCRM will help you tap into your potential market, and service it optimally. Once you have the facts and figures, you would know how to guide your personnel out in the field to enable them to be more efficient, and reel in better results. This would mean that all data is updated in real time, thereby enabling the team leader to know what efforts are being concentrated for which potential and existing customers. If any corrective action is needed, inasmuch some area is being unintentionally neglected, you find out before it causes too much harm like losing a valued customer.

Collate Data to Stand Out from the Crowd

With relevant data in hand, you will be able to track marketing calls — and their results — better, and prevent double entries or two people approaching the same target. There can be few things more off putting for any potential customer than to receive calls from the same company or service twice or more in a short span of time. Intelligent call tracking means the marketing presentation will be more powerful. Additionally, analyzing historic trends would help you target customers with relevant offers, and updated terms of service.

So, whether you are in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) business, or deal with electrical equipment, or offer plumbing services; using BasiqCRM software makes you stand out in the crowd because you have all the data where you can use it. It becomes service with a difference.

Manage Business Relationships

It is vital for you to keep track of, and nurture business relationships. As your business expands, it becomes critical that existing business relationships are not neglected, and allowed to wither. Customer expectations and standards have risen radically in the last few years. You must be geared to satisfy the demanding consumer. They will have dozens of queries before purchasing anything, even a service. When you track purchase patterns, demographic quirks, integrate feedback, and respond accordingly; you have put yourself in a winning position.

Get it customized: You might prefer a customized CRM software to an off-the-shelf if your business is in a niche of the market. Smaller businesses profit from cloud based solutions as it means they don’t need a dedicated server on their premises to deal with CRM. There is a middle path available for those who require it.

Make Your Customers the Center of Your Business

This requires you to profile your customers, business associates, and vendors to capitalize on improved understanding. After all, marketing is the art of providing what your customers desire or need, at the right time, in the right place, and at the right price. In the service industry, it is not uncommon for people to send a technician without sending relevant details to the customer. This has led to some scams, and even trespass and battery. Such a situation can be obviated by using BasiqCRM  which enables you to send an automated bio of the technicians to the customer, and tracks their route on a map.

Customer-centric businesses are flourishing: If you offer the best services in town, yet are unable to attract the volumes of queries you should ask yourself: do you listen to your customers? Have you tried to address their concerns? What steps have you taken to encourage good word of mouth publicity? One satisfied customer can do more to promote your business than running ads in the local newspaper for a few days. An effective CRM solution can help you to track and manage diverse sales accounts to keep existing customers happy.

Track Sales and After Sales Service

Quite often, many service providers, not just the telecom industry, acquire customers, and then forget to check back that everything is functioning smoothly, or whether any further action is required. Yet, follow up is vital for long-term business relationships. A CRM software which is really worthwhile will enable you to mine data that can guide you in building future marketing strategies. Capturing customer expectations, especially after sales or service, is the best way to derive market intelligence since it facilitates root cause analysis.

An Incorrect Choice Could Jeopardize Your Business Irretrievably

Ease of access and use should be major considerations in your choice of any CRM software. What use would such a solution be if only a techie can make head or tail of it? It should be able to help you track queries, sales, inventory, support the accounting department, and follow up on leads. Not doing so would represent lost business opportunities. The last thing you want to do is to alienate your customers by not responding to a query or a complaint fast. An efficient CRM software alerts you to these in real time for swifter responses by the sales and service technicians.

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