YouTube along with Facebook is one of the most browsed website. YouTube is a powerful medium to reach your target customers fast, Its brilliant for local brand building as you can really target your prospective customer with ease.

You tube lets you target your customer with following filters :

1. Language Spoken by the viewer.
2. Location of the viewer.
3. Target People watching content on basis of Age / Gender
4. Videos they are looking for.( You can really micromanage it with a lot of categories to choose from)
5. Interested in the which kind of content. ( This gives you a broad view of the stuff
6. Choose Re-marketing lists, Ad placement and Content keywords.
7. Target video search results.

Apart from this you can bid for cost per view and set a total budget of the campaign.  You can start and ad campaign for as low as INR 100. Now this is really low price for getting your brand placed right before the eye ball of your prospect.

There is also this interesting widget which gives you an estimate on the campaign.


Types of Advertisement :

Standard Banner Ads : These are standard ads like other Google ads you can use text banners or Rich media.

Invideo Over Lay Ads : These are banners which come in the overlay of the video ads.

Youtube Video Ads : Great for budgeting as most of the video ads fall under ‘true view’ category. which means that you only pay for the ads that were viewed.