Its very important to write good content to connect with our audience. But understanding the behavior pattern of online readers and their expectations is important too. With a few small corrections like adding headings, using simple sentences and adding graphics you can easily convert your visitors to leads..

Understanding the Online Reader: Its important to understand the behavior of the online reader. Most writers commit this mistake of writing complex sentences considering that it would appear intelligent.

  • Online readers are impatient.
  • They scan as they are looking for information.
  • People don’t like to read.
  • People skim across the content, mostly reading just 20%
  • They hate marketing.
  • People lose interest quickly.
  • They respect Authority.

The best techniques to write:

The most important technique to keep in mind is KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid). Your blog article isn’t something that’s gonna win you a Pulitzer Price. You are not writing the next big piece of literature, so keep the following tricks in mind. This is especially true for India as English still is a Second language to most of us.

  • Short words, Short sentences, shorter paragraphs.
  • Create as many lists as possible as its easier to skim.
  • Write informal text as its far easier to read and grasp.
  • Write for faster reading.
  • Use Active text, write as you are speaking.
  • Don’t make an effort to be taken seriously, write in an informal tone.
  • Use graphics that convey the message.

The Winning Format:

Since people are skimming for information, the format in which the information is presented becomes hugely important. Following are the sections to keep in mind while drafting an article.

  • Heading: It should give an insight in the article, What can you expect. Stay away from teaser headlines like (Do you know what Salman Khan ate for breakfast today?) These are known as click baits and they don’t work in commercial practices.
  • Summary: Summary should give all the key points of the article, Don’t be afraid of revealing everything. Your readers will thank you if they don’t have to spend a lot of time reading through all the text.
  • Sub heading: Create good subheadings which helps reader to easily skim through pieces which are not so important for them.
  • Link Text: Always write descriptive text for each link, Don’t write Read More, or Click Here. Explain whats the reward of clicking that link.

The Soul Purpose : The soul of the article should address the important question from the readers perspective. Its ‘ Whats is in it for me?’. Readers are not the same type of people are you are. Think about the questions and write the aspirational properties of your product or service as an answer to that question. Also remember not to push sales as people hate marketing.

Following are the three Good tools that can help you research and write better content.