Last week was really eventful, it started with the news of Amazon testing the drones for delivery and ended with a somber note of Mr. Mandela bidding goodbye to the world. While the later does not have a bearing on the future of technology the news from Amazon camp certainly created a buzz.

Amazon’s drone delivery will certainly give the retailers sleepless nights. Traditionally, the only edge, the Retailer always had over the Ecommerce store was the instant gratification. This is the age of consumer and People don’t like to wait for their purchase.

In India, we too have a similar story. While the drone delivery is still a few decades away for us, the local courier companies have made the most of it. The ecommerce is expanding and customer feels nothing powerful. The appliance retailer is facing most of the heat. I have seen people pulling up their mobile phones to compare apples to apples. The company that has made the most of this revolution is Flipkart, they have made an instant connection with the customers and have built a reputation around their fast deliveries and customer support.

For smaller mom and pop shop owners they would need to really upgrade their customer reach by launching small stores online for their local customers. They can take help from small technological companies which would help them build an online retail model to compete with bigger giants like Snap Deal and Jabong. There would be a distinct advantage these local retailers would instantly enjoy over their mature counterparts, one, for being local they will have an instant connection with the consumer and second their order fulfillment and customer support would be top notch.

There are a lot of solutions these small retailers can deploy themselves. Following are a few of the recommended ones:

1. Opening up a small Facebook store to connect with local users.

2. Using open source carts like Open Cart or Magento.

3. Using plug and play models such as Shopify etc.

There is definitely a wave of ecommerce and it is much like the Aam Admi Party wave and this wave would surely not go down any time soon. And, No, the bubble won’t burst this time around as the internet penetration is at a far more deeper level and it is actually touching lives.