User generated content in India is still a distant dream for the marketer. We all know how important reviews are to solidify a buying decision. The reason for the success of amazon can be partly attributed to their review generating strategy. Amazon gives rewards to people for generating reviews.

Why is it difficult for Flipkart or Snapdeal to repeat the same in India. The reasons are tough to comprehend we might need to probe a little in the consumer psych for India.

We don’t like to communicate: I have had the experience of working in all parts of the world and I can say this with some confidence that we are least communicating race in the world. We are not at all vocal compared to American’s and Europeans. This might be one of the reasons that we don’t like to share positive reviews or experiences of products on any platform.

Language barrier: Though we pride ourselves as educated English speaking populace, the language still is a bit alien to us. Most of the people still struggle with English and hence typing a review in English seems like a daunting task.

Not much review platforms: Unlike the Yelps and Foursquares of US, I don’t see similar options in India. There is only one review site for services called mouthshut and even that isn’t even remotely in same league as Yelp.

We are not contributors : this sounds like a similar rhetoric as communication one but still has a different angle to it. We as a nation don’t like to contribute on the internet, I can strongly vouch for my generation. I am sure the new generation must be contributing a little more thanks to their being born in social media and cell phone age. But overall we lack the contributor instinct hence we dont readily post reviews.

Though one can argue on the points above there certainly are exceptions like for instance is hugely popular review site for restaurants and you will find a lot of reviews posted by users and some are really fun to read too. I think with changing times and better platforms we might see this trend changing a little bit. Until then we have to rely on our friends and family to give us their opinion on washing machines or any other purchase decision for that matter.