Hashtags are a Hash Mark (#) used before the word or phrase within the post to highlight the keyword or an importance of the post for people who search for it.

Now a Day Marketers are using Hashtags in Social Campaigns. Here we are going to talk about the Hashtags used in social Media Network. Symbol # is used to make the sense to the keywords used in the post we make on Social Networks. This was adopted to bring an organizing data in the Social Media Activities.  But on another hand people are running out of English Language. This Article will explain how Hashtag is ruining the English language http://gizmodo.com/5869538/how-the-hashtag-is-ruining-the-english-language.

Anyhow Hash tags make it easier for the people to find out and follow the discussion about the topic or brand they are searching for. This process has become so popular that now a day’s people are using this type of formatting in their personal Commenting, texting, chats& status in social media.

Well, the benefit of the preceding with a Hashtags is that it is indexed immediately and easily searchable by Users.  When someone clicks on #Keyword they are redirected to the collective results on using the same Hashtag Keyword.

Things to kept in mind while creating an # Post

  • Create a short Hashtag is easy, just put a # symbol before the keyword or phrases. But do consider not to make a long String with Tag, Make it short & Precise
  • Do not overuse #Tag #for #Posting. This will spam you.
  • Use a Tag only with the relevant keyword which describes your post.
  • Try to make a unique keyword to be Tagged with # Symbol

Here I will talk about a top brand Subway what they do it in their campaign with # Hash Tag

What they did was amazing and worth doing for their fans. They use a unique keyword to run the Subway campaign “Subway’s #JanuAny”


This campaign was spread like a wild fire and Subway was able to track the growth in their traffic. The main propose of do this campaign was Unique enough to track easily and it’s simple for fans to remember.

Creating Hashtags

Hashtag Add

It’s an absolute pleasure when you create something and it just spread like a fire all around the world. If you can create such a hashtag tweet which just spread all around the world and bring boom traffic towards your social network that would be fantastic. There are many success stories and failure stories for marketing social on the internet those who create their own hashtags.

The key to success in using a Hashtag is to create a tag using a keyword which closely imbibes the meaning about what the user is trying to search. This activity will actually bring a splendid effect on amplification of the social signal and that’s what creates a winning campaign!

Another option of creating a hashtags is using already tags which are popular in the market. Those hot hashtags can also benefit you in gaining visibility from users searching for it. Here you need to be very cautious of creating a post that actually makes a sense for visitors.  When you created a post which do not relates to the topic that will impact an adverse effect on your brand. So it’s always advisable to format you phrase that make an absolute sense.

Social Media Supports Hashtag:


Most popular sites which support Hashtag

  1. Twitter: The very first social network that came up with the Hashtags and maximum usage of hashtag can be seen on twitter only. When I open my twitter account I could only see all the posts with Hashtags only which is fantastic.
  2. Facebook: What does facebook’s  hashtag does is that it redirect you to another page with all the other post related to the similar hashtag
  3. Instagram: one of the most popular Image sharing sites which uses hashtag to find out image related to your Image. What you have to do is hashtag the image you took and it will generate a page with pictures related to your Subject
  4. Google+: As like other social network Google+ also work like other network, the only difference in this is that it will allow you to add a hashtag on the relevant & Popular keywords.

Other Sites also supports Hashtags are:

  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Kickstarter
  • Vine
  • Flickr
  • net
  • FriendFeed
  • GitHub
  • Tout