Well one of the most important pieces of the internet marketing puzzle is the conversion optimization. Unfortunately it often gets ignored, I audit a lot of websites and often consult businesses on how to effectively market on the web and I often find that landing page optimization has never been the part of their marketing focus. A lot of noise has been created for SEO, Keywords and Rankings. Unfortunately there isn’t enough focus on the conversions yet.

The Keyword Ranking Scam !

I often meet business owners which share this amusement that despite of being ranked on various keywords they are not getting leads. They end up blaming Internet Marketing as a useless tool to promote their businesses. Once you probe a little deeper you find that some sort of an agency has duped them in to this ranking hogwash. The problem is even bigger in India perspective as people tend to believe without any research on their own. The whole point here is that we need to make sure that are we really ranking on the keywords that matter. We might rank on top for a keywords that we think is important but are we sure that people are searching for our services or products using those keywords. A little probe and research using tools such as Google Keywords Suggestion will give an exact figure on how many searches were made for a particular keyword. So if we rank for relevant keywords the chances of conversions are more.

In the above example you can see that there are only 70 visitors on the key word phrase ‘Best Internet Marketing Company’ which is low, So even if we rank for this keyword phrase the chances or conversions are a lot less compared to other keywords where number of searches are really high.

The Meta Description and Title importance

Once you rank on a relevant keyword which has a lot of searches the other important factor that govern conversion is the meta description on Google. Lets understand it with a case example, Your prospect is searching for your service (lets take website development as an example for sake of convenience), He searches with the keyword phrase ‘website development company Faridabad’  and Search engine displays a list of search results of the Websites. The prospect has to make up his mind to click one of the sites from the list and the two important factors for him to make judgment are the title tag and description tag. So even if you Rank on top but your title and description are not catchy you won’t get any clicks. So its imperative that you choose the Title and Description such that it makes your prospect click them.

Landing Page Optimization 

Having right keywords and great description will surely get you visitors on the website but does merely the visit means business, Absolutely not. If your website doesn’t have what it takes to keep the user engaged you won’t get the inquiry or a phone call. An online visitors are an impatient lot, it takes a lot to get them to the website and it takes a few loose ends to take them away. A lot of research has gone in to what ticks on a website and what doesn’t. There are a variety of online resources available to guide you on what elements to take care of to engage the users. One of the two most important elements are User Experience and User Engagement. You need a perfect combination of both to get visitor to send the inquiry. While the good user experience translates into nice colors, readable fonts, good pictures, accessibility and clear navigation.The User engagement means elements which gets user attention such as videos, opinion polls, calculators, testimonials and other interesting content pieces and stats. Keeping user engaged will make them invest more time on the website and more time the user invests the higher is the probability of them sending the inquiry or making a phone call.

So its important to bet on right horses in-order to succeed in the online marketing campaigns. Once you crack this combination it becomes easier and easier. There are a variety of resources available online to help along the way to get better key words, to write better descriptions and to have the right elements for online conversions.