Well Facebook has the sheer numbers, twitter has the power to spread news quick and Google Plus has the obvious SEO advantage bundled with it. The place where Linkedin has carved its niche is B2B marketing.  The reason for that is simple, the decision makers are on Linkedin.
Also there is this stronger belief that people consider time spend on social network as wasted while  the time spent on professional networks as time invested. Also the average Linkedin user is more educated than the other users on the internet.

There are two ways you can advertise on Linkedin

1. Sponsoring an update.

2. Post Text / Media ads on the network.

Following is the step by step instructions on how you can start your campaign on Linkedin

1. Choose between Sponsoring an Update or Post the Ad. You can create the text based add with the description and title.



2. Micromanage the campaign by choosing the target audience both location wise and the Company/ Job title.




3. Manage your budgets and the whether you want to pay per click or pay per 1000 impressions.You can also choose the daily limit for the ad spend and the deadline for your campaign.


You can check out by giving your credit card information.