How to use Google My Business for Local SEO

We all know that Google has been trying hard to push Google Plus down our throats. Though Google plus has not caught the fancy of people to Googles liking but it still remains an important tool for businesses to promote themselves online.

Google also has a knack of changing names of its products, It was known as Google Places before ( In fact its still being referred to as Google Places in the Google IVR) and now Google has named it Google My Business. One reason might be because Bing and Facebook too started to use the word ‘Places’ to refer to the Business listing service. So Google might have thought of creating a new brand name altogether just to keep the edge.

So its Google My Business Page now and you can manage it using your Google plus login. The point here is to

1. Please have a correct verified address,

2. Use pictures and Virtual tours to engage your users.

3. Use My Business to gather reviews from your existing customers.

4. Choose Right Business Description for what your business is about.

5. Use good words to describe your business.

6. Keep on posting updates and discount on my business page to keep your target audience interested.

Following is a video where I have explained it in easy steps on how to do that.

Manu Mayank

Manu Mayank is director of Abacus Desk and a Redditor. He love to read about technology and sincerely feel that world is a better place thanks to the Internet. He is a strong supporter of Open Source and believe in knowledge sharing.This blog is just my contribution to the world wide web. Besides he also love to Cook and eat !!!

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