Well time flies they say and I have come to believe that its flies at jet speeds when we consider the evolution of learning in last few years. Internet has changed a lot of things about the way we live our lives. With information being on finger tips ( literally !!) life indeed is much easier. We can easily research a symptom of a disease or check the reviews of a product before making an actual purchase. Its amazing how rapidly Internet has penetrated our lives.

One of the most important transformation that internet has made is by opening the avenues of learning. You can learn most of the things online for free. Be it learning a new language ( www.duolingo.com) or learning about how to cook. Internet has made it all remarkably simple.

If you wish to learn to code, there are a lot of tools available which would not only help you learn, but practice this art in real time. Following are few of the sites which have helped me immensely in learning how to write a program and developing web applications.

Code Academy : This is one of the best sites, I would say a must to have. They have really interesting interface and unique approach towards teaching. Just register and get going.

Team Tree : Well if you are the kind of person that likes being taught, Than look no further. Team tree have great video tutorials and the teachers are amazing. The videos load fast and the teaching style is such that you would start feeling like a pro sooner than you have ever imagined.

Code HS : Its a great place to learn for students and Individuals. You get taught by the experts and the learning is easy. However its paid site and for a little fee you can get access to a vast library of tutorials.

Udacity : Another great place to learn how to write programs. Its free and fun to learn.

Coursera : Great place to learn a lot of things, You can pick up any course from the best universities in the world. Learning is simple with coursera.

Few Other websites :

MIT have a website for video tutorials on a wide variety of engineering subjects : http://ocw.mit.edu/index.htm

Stanford have Free online courses as well


This site has an interesting collection of a lot of online tutorials