Steps to keep your emails secure.

We Strongly recommend that you take the following steps to keep your emails secure.

Strong Password Policy : Please keep a very strong email password. As most of the email hacking happens due to social engineering where people are able to hack in to your emails just because the passwords are too weak or just your pets name of your date of birth.

Keep your passwords long should be combination of numeric, alphabets ( in both cases) and special characters.

Also keep changing your passwords at least once every month. Read the following article on importance of strong passwords

Keep your Machines Clean : Internet like Indian Highways is a dangerous place to be in. So as you would like to have a secure car (with Airbags etc) while travelling on a Indian Highway similarly its of paramount importance to have your computer safe and secure while accessing the internet. There are various malwares and trojans which can easily access your important information like your bank account details or your email passwords and send it to the hacker.

Following are the few free malware scanners we recommend.

SSL Certificate : Its important to have a secure connection between your email client and email server. The best way to achieve this is by purchasing an SSL certificate and get it installed on your email server. This will keep the communication layer secure.

Please contact @ 93121 45830 if you haven’t have the SSL installed yet.

PGP encryption for emails : PGP is one of the most important technique to ensure email communication safety. Using PGP encryption we can send encrypted emails to the inteneded recipient and they can read the message. Please check the figure below to understand how this would work. Using this solution would require some installation of PGP in your device and your recipient might have to have a the PGP installed as well and you would need to exchange the PGP keys with them to ensure that the communication between you in encrypted.


Manu Mayank

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