Well we all know that Internet can be a dangerous place. Not only is your information under threat, your communication is also under continuous surveillance. So you are under threat from both the hackers looking for your banking info and the big corporations profiling you to sell your products and services. But in this day and age we can’t live without information. We need to search and interact on the web. Like in our town Faridabad, Its almost impossible to imagine a business not being on the internet. More so with smart phones and ecommerce the threat had gone to the next level. Following are the tools you can use easily to stay safe and off the radar. These are simple extensions and search tools that you can install with ease.

1) Ad and script blocker extensions: Well Internet Marketing and advertising is hugely gaining popularity and so are the technologies to push advertising messages to you. There are ad blocking extensions available for each browser ( Adblock plus for chorme) which cleans up the ads and blocks the script from your browsing session.

2) Anti Tracker Extensions: Tracking is also on the evil today, Search engines sell remarketing services to their customers which essentialy uis based on tracking your browsing patterns. But I am sure you would like some privacy and wouldn’t want any search engine cookie tracking you. You can use extensions like. like Disconnect[2] , Ghostery[3] and Do Not Track Me[4] .

3) Private Search: Search engines save your search input to give you better search results. But in order to do so they save the entire records in your account, system or IP address, and saving all info about you. You can safeguard yourself by either using Incognito mode in your browser ( Ctrl+Shit+N) or opt for  services like Disconnect Search[5] and protect your privacy.

4) Use VPN: If you are a business user that has to connect to the server remotely to access information. VPN is the safest bet, It creates an encrypted tunnel between the server and the client and hence safeguarding your privacy. The flip side is that VPN can be expensive and would only help if the end justifies the means.

5) Email encryption: Emails are the most easy targets for attacks by both hackers as well as the businesses willing to sell info. So the free email you think that Google is so kind to give you is actually one of the most profitable business for Google. They are tracking your communication and serving you ads based on your interest. You can safeguard yourself by opting for an encrypted email. Its hugely recommended for business users.

So these are the few of the tools that you can use to save your privacy.