We all know how important SEO algorithm updates are. They can do a lot of harm to the SERP rankings. It also creates a period of confusion on whats going on and what can be done to minimize the damage. You can read our earlier blog on how Google Penalizes the sites that don’t conform to the algorithm updates here. So Google has rolled a new update and again going by their tradition of naming it after the Birds it called ‘Pigeon’. We will understand what pigeon intends to do and how you can ensure that you stay safe.

Why the Updates : Well like every other thing search engines too needs to evolve. Algorithm updates are their way of improving the way they handle search. Inorder to be efficiently serving their audience the search engines have to think and act more like humans. So Google is getting more understanding and command of language and what people are actually looking to get you better search results. It also ensures a quality checks to the sites listing by eliminating spam so that the end user gets the good quality search results.

Whats Pigeon Update? Pigeon was rolled out in July 2014 starting with  US. Google never releases an official documentation. However the changes in search rankings are often the signals that something significant is happening. Following are the key points noted from the US update.

  • local search algorithm is now tied more strongly with the web search capability.
  • New local ranking signals as used in  web search along with search features like Knowledge Graph, spelling correction, synonyms etc.
  • Marked improvement in the distance and location ranking parameters.
  • Less Duplication of results.
  • Major changes in 7-pack and 3 Pack results.
  • Optimized search carousel results.
  • Jobs, Real estate and insurance sites have been most adversely affected.
  • Radius of local search has reduced significantly.
  • Hospitality, Food and Education will see improvements in search results.

How to make the best of Pigeon? Its easy if you are doing ethical seo and have not been resorting to spam. However you can do a few things to make sure that when this update is rolled out in India your sites get to gain in Local search results.

  • Optimize your Google Business page with correct location and better description and categories.
  • Get good local citations and should all have same exact NAP (Business Name, Address, Phone)
  • Create content focused more on local Focused content.
  • Optimize the site with local title tags.
  • Engage audience on social media.
  • Monitor the accuracy of citation data and suppress duplicate listings.

What Next ! Just focus on ethical SEO, Don’t resort to spam and make your SEO strategy around quality content and user engagement. What works for your Audience works for Google !!!