Google Loses Search Share in US

Well what might come as a shocking news to us all, especially when ‘Google’ is used instead of ‘Search’ in our common lingo (even in bollywood songs) like ‘Colgate’ was for ‘toothpaste’ for the previous generation. Its for the first time since 2009 Google’s search share has dropped from 80% to 75% and guess what ? Yahoo is the one which is gaining it got up from 7% to 10%. I agree still a Yawning gap, But who knows ! Read more of this interesting development in this article on Bloomberg.

Manu Mayank

Manu Mayank is director of Abacus Desk and a Redditor. He love to read about technology and sincerely feel that world is a better place thanks to the Internet. He is a strong supporter of Open Source and believe in knowledge sharing.This blog is just my contribution to the world wide web. Besides he also love to Cook and eat !!!

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