Abacus Desk is now a Google Apps Authorized Partners in Delhi/NCR

We are pleased to announce that Abacus Desk IT Solutions Private Limited has been named of the Google Apps Authorized Partners. We’re happy to be recognized as a partner, and that we foresee to serving to customers leverage Google Apps for Work.

This will enhance our presence within the Google Apps Marketplace. Additionally, as Authorized Technology Partners, we’ll receive a spread of product/technical, marketing, sales, program, relationship, and support advantages from Google. These advantages can ultimately facilitate us offer a lot of worth to our customers.

Manu Mayank

Manu Mayank is director of Abacus Desk and a Redditor. He love to read about technology and sincerely feel that world is a better place thanks to the Internet. He is a strong supporter of Open Source and believe in knowledge sharing.This blog is just my contribution to the world wide web. Besides he also love to Cook and eat !!!

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