Knowlarity ‘Click to Call’ on WordPress !

Click to call is a must if you wish to have user engagement on the website. Knowlarity communications are one of the pioneers of cloud based telephony services. You can use their Widget and API to integrate the Click to call feature on the WordPress website.

Follow these steps for configure click to call in wordpress with knowlarity services:

Please Login to your knowlarity account.

1.Within the Integration tab-select My Receptionist.

Knowlarity Account


2.Select the tab Plan Settings.
3.Go to Click2CallWidget generation tool.

4. Enter the agent-number to which the customer call needs to be connected to. Based on the agent number entered a URL/Widget-Code would be generated which can be used. Click 2 Call widget is a snippet in HTML and Javacript which will be used to connect the call from Agent to the Site user.

knowlarity wordpress
5.After creating the widget open the wp-content >> theme >> themefolder >> header.php and paste this widget code where it displays the click to call box in your header.


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