Any web designer would tell you the importance of java script, It used to be the go to scripting language to create your drop down menus and that was it. No body ever imagined any thing more important to achieve using java script. But off late with the advent of mobile platforms and with more focus shifting on user browsing experience ( and off course the death of flash) JavaScript is fast becoming the main component of development scheme of things. The future belongs to JavaScript and the writing is on the wall. Following are the important points that will ensure the success.

1. Well JavaScript is the preferred language of most of the browsers, hence its the language of choice. Since cloud is the future for delivering users the functionality the JavaScript would be an important tool.

2. People need information fast and the entire mobility experience depends on faster response time. Javascript is just what the Doctor ordered for an amazing user experience.

3. Node.js has changed the game for java script, it builds amazingly fast applications. Java script has gone from browser to server and hence there are no delays due to slow database connections. According to a recent study there have been around 35000 Node.js downloads on daily basis.

4. Technology giants are supporting Java script for the next revolution. Google is pushing the V8 java script engine and Microsoft has strongly adopted Java script in windows 8

5. One of the yardsticks to measure the popularity of the programming language is the adoption and the available resources available. Just a mere browsing of the Job portals and freelance site will reveal that JavaScript is in huge demand and  its the fifth more fastest growing programming language.

We can clearly see that there is a massive demand for JavaScript and it would soon be the development language of choice. Its not saying that JavaScript is complete and without its share of bugs but its maturing fast.