Zimbra is an open source alternative to Microsoft Exchange, It has amazing advantages over conventional mailing services. Here is a step by step instructions on how you can configure your own Zimbra mailing server on Linode.

Step 1. Purchase a linode server with 4 GB RAM and select the os type as centos. Update your instance with the command: yum update and install the packages required by zimbra with the following command:

yum install gmp compat-libstdc++-33 sysstat sudo libidn wget

Step 2. Now, configure your host file /etc/host with the following type of entries: localhost.localdomain localhost hostname.example.com hostname

 Step 3.Check your entries of hostname, wheher these are correct or not, with the following command:

hostname –f

Step 4. Now get your zimbra open source suit file by using the following command:

wget http://files2.zimbra.com/downloads/8.0.5_GA/zcs-8.0.5_GA_5839.RHEL6_64.20130910123908.tgz

 tar -xzf zcs-6.0.7_GA_2473.RHEL5.20100616214455.tgz

Switch to the install directory and launch the installer with the following commands:

cd zcs-6.0.7_GA_2473.RHEL5.20100616214455


Important : You may receive a warning similar to the one shown below. Enter “Y” to proceed.

You appear to be installing packages on a platform different than the platform for which they were built.
This platform is CentOS5
Packages found: RHEL5
This may or may not work.

 Using packages for a platform in which they were not designed format result in an installation that is NOT usable. Your support options may be limited if you choose to continue.

 Install anyway? [N] Y

Step 5. After installation process is completed, a admin menu is opened up showing the required options needed to be initialized in the folloing way:

Main menu

1) Common Configuration:

2) zimbra-ldap: Enabled

3) zimbra-store: Enabled

4) Create Admin User: yes

5) Admin user to create: admin@archimedes.example.com

******* +Admin Password UNSET

6) Enable automated spam training: yes

7) Spam training user: spam.pvsjtuws@archimedes.example.com

8) Non-spam(Ham) training user: ham.apqv8ks8@archimedes.example.com

9) Global Documents Account: wiki@archimedes.example.com

10) SMTP host: archimedes.example.com

11) Web server HTTP port: 80

12) Web server HTTPS port: 443

13) Web server mode: http

15) IMAP server port: 143

16) IMAP server SSL port: 993

17) POP server port: 110

18) POP server SSL port: 995

19) Use spell check server: yes

20) Spell server URL: http://archimedes.example.com:7780/aspell.php

21) Configure for use with mail proxy: FALSE

22) Configure for use with web proxy: FALSE


23) zimbra-mta: Enabled

24) zimbra-snmp: Enabled

25) zimbra-logger: Enabled

26) zimbra-spell: Enabled

27) Default Class of Service Configuration:

28) Start servers after configuration yes

29) Save config to file

30) Expand menu

31) Quit

Address unconfigured (**) items (? – help) 3

Now enter 3 and press enter to go into zimbra-store and initialize the required components by entering the required component option just as below:

Address unconfigured (**) items (? – help)4


Type 4 and press enter to change the admin password.

Step 6. After installation process get completed, start the zimbra service with the help of following command:

service zimbra start

chkconfig zimbra on

Now reboot your linode to make the zimbra on linode work properly. Also, visit the admin panel by entering the following type of command:



and webmail will be upened on: https://your linode server ip.