Hybrid Email or Split domain routing !!

Emails are important for business communications and we all know that, but hosting business emails can be expensive and mind numbing for the technology team especially when there are large number of users and with different set of requirements. Smart phones and security have made the matters worst.

Now we have some users looking to have emails synced on each device while some users are still trying to figure out the difference between Webmail and Outlook.


So there are these two troubles for the IT Team

1. Phone, Tablets and Operating systems to deal with ( Android, IOS, Windows..thankfully blackberry is dead)

2. Varied level of technology usage patterns. Like one top management guy would want his emails to have all the bells and whistls while an account executive is still trying to figure out how to put correct signature in Outlook.

Off course you can’t put all the users on Google apps or Microsoft Exchange as its expensive and there is no requirement too. There is a perfect solution for such a scenario. Its called Split Domain hosting. In simpler terms, you can split your email users in two different environments. Simple and cost effective for Lower management and Expensive and high power mailing for the top management. All this can be achieved using the Split domain routing or how we would like to call it Hybrid mail hosting ( I like the work Hybrid !)

Following are the steps to do it on your own. If you want us to do that we can surely help for a nominal fee.

      1. On cpanel, create all email accounts on cpanel. Also point your initial NS or MX records to cpanel.image001
      2. Now please create the accounts on Exchange server, who you want to use on it.
      3. Now on cpanel, create a subdomain and point it to the MX records of the Exchange server.
      4. Now add forwarding of those email accounts you want to use on exchange to the email address with the subdomain,
        i.e.  [email protected] will be forwarded to [email protected]image003
      5. Now on exchange server, we need to add the subdomain as the alias of the domain.
        i.e. subdomain.example.com will be added as the alias of example.com.image005
        1. Hence, the Hybrid hierarchy is created and a single mailbox can used to send and receive mails on both cpanel and exchange.
Manu Mayank

Manu Mayank is director of Abacus Desk and a Redditor. He love to read about technology and sincerely feel that world is a better place thanks to the Internet. He is a strong supporter of Open Source and believe in knowledge sharing.This blog is just my contribution to the world wide web. Besides he also love to Cook and eat !!!

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