WordPress is an incredible publishing platform, there’s merely no getting away from that fact. One of the things that makes WordPress marvelous is the number of plugins and themes available for it. The major disadvantage of using OSS is the vulnerability that comes with open platform. Keeping the website secure is of prime importance and thats when Wordfence comes in to picture. Its one of the best word press security plugin.


Wordfence is like the round the clock monitoring that your word press install needs. It tracks the visitors and the plugins that needs updates. Word fence knows very well that plugins and themes might contain vulnerabilities so it checks how computerized bots and remote humans access your site. If it finds that someone is trying to get access in to your themes or plugins, it automatically blocks that IP address, so that harmful elements can’t access your site. This perhaps is not the only one of the monitoring that Word fence does to protect your WordPress site. Here are a few more:

  1. Word fence blocks fake Google crawlers. These are often robots that are either stealing your content or scanning your site for security holes.
  2. Word fence blocks anyone that accesses your site too quickly. Very fast scanning is a common heuristic that attack bots share.
  3. You can block anyone who is generating page not found errors too quickly. If someone scans your site for security holes, they almost always generate a large number of page not found errors in rapid succession.
  4. Wordfence keeps an eye on the plugins that need the updates and sends you notifications if there are updates pending for any plugin.
  5. It also send you the alerts for any login attempts on your wordpress admin by giving you details of the failed login attempt.
  6. You get the options to block the traffic from certain countries, which you don’t want any traffic from.
  7. You can Run the Scans to find the Vulnerabilities in the theme, Codes and the plugins.

There are numerous extra traffic related options available in the section of the “Firewall Rules” of Word fence configuration and you can choose what you would like to do with someone that try to get into your themes or plugins. You can either block them or “throttle” them which temporarily bounds their access. There are both Free and Premium paid versions with premium one having quite a lot of options to keep your website secure.