Compromised by Google Mail Hack, Following will help you.


There has been a massive hack targeting all the google users. So please check the following things if you have been compromised, This malware attempts all the users even the Gmail corporate users. So even if you have your business mails hosted with Google you are susceptible to the attack.



  1. Don’t open any email that shares a Google Document with you which you are not expecting.

what to do gmail compromise

2.Even if the Google Document is shared by someone you know.

3.Check for the email it would the message will have also been sent to the email address

4. Delete that email immediately and don’t CLICK it. NO CLICK



  1. Change your Google Password immediately by going to google account management page
  2. Go to My Account settings and Connected apps and remove the Access to Google Docs.
  3. Enable Dual Factor Authentication to your Google Account.



4. Go to and find out all the accounts that your gmail account has been linked to and change the passwords to all those account.


Though the jury is still out on who has started this and what sort of damage will it cause but better to safeguard yourself from the threat. Please try to use dual factor authentication for all your Logins. Also don’t keep easy guessable passwords.

Stay Safe !!