Following is a step by step instruction on how to setup Roundcube plugin for using Global Addressbook. This installation was performed by our Champion Server Admin Prashant Yadav.

Before that, we must have the root access of the server. Download the putty from here

1. Open putty and take the CLI or remote desktop of the server.

2. Go to the Roundcube mail directory by following the below path:


3. Now we need to Download and install the plugin: .

4. Now we need to move to directory plugins/addressbook

5. Now we need rename to

6. Now open this file using vi editor.

7. For setting up global address book only for a single domain, we need to setup the following code:

$config [‘globaladdressbook_user’]=’[global_addressbook@%d]’;

Here %d is replaced with your domain name, you wish to use .

8. The globaladdressbook is now setup can be accessed via the roundcube. You can find it at the Address Book option.