To choose the right technology for the online presence is one of the most trickiest of the questions we have to face. While there are a lot of solutions available some propitiatory, some sold as SAAS platform, majority of the developer community swears by the open source alternatives available. There are tons of open source CMS available but only WordPress, Joomla and Drupal enjoy the fan following.

Its really important to understand the three software and see which one fits the best for our requirements. I will also include the India Advantage with all of these so if your business operates in India, Some CMS product might have an edge over the others.

WordPress : Its one of the most popular CMS products and its a best fit for smaller to medium enterprise. Its a beginners CMS and is a truly amazing product. Its hugely popular and has a really active community supporting it.

Really easy to use WP can owes most of its success to its easy to use interface and the ease of learning. One look at the admin interface and dashboard and you will feel comfortable. Its easy on the eye and adding the new page or post is super easy. So the webmaster who has never used the WP before will be a pro in a matter of few hours. Also from a developer perspective too its easy to customize and create additional functionality.

Ease of Installation, Its super easy to install and configure. It takes less than 30 minutes to get the WP site up and running.

Community Support is humungous. It has more than 150 million downloads and 30,000 free plugins available. There are a lot of active forums available ready to provide you the support and guidance.

India Advantage : WordPress is hugely popular in India, So not only you can get local support, you also get the local plugins customized for the local usage.


Joomla : Joomla too is hugely popular and is a little advanced alternative to WordPress. If you are looking for more advanced site with less steep learning curve Joomla should be your choice.

Social networking capabilities is the forte for Joomla, Its very easy to build a social networking capable site on Joomla. This can be one of the most important feature of Joomla.

Lot of free Plugins available, Joomla is backed by a strong developer community and has a lot of free plugins that adds the flexibility to Joomla.

Joomla is not as easy as WordPress but it still is relatively easy to use and upgrade. Also the eCommerce capabilities makes it a perfect choice for some one looking to sell online.

Joomla creates a perfect balance between a powerful content management system and easy to use product. It also has a help portal which you can use to get help quickly.


Drupal : Its the third most popular CMS and one of the most powerful here. Its for really advanced users and comes with all bells and whistles to make a great website.

Under the hood, Drupal uses the MVC architecture and is one of the most technically advanced product. It take a lot less server resources and delivers great performance. It can handle thousands of pages of content and millions of users.

Strong SEO capabilities make Drupal ideal for the businesses, Drupal was made for being search engine friendly and it gives amazing ease of access for the crawlers.

ACL functionality makes Drupal perfect for enterprises which are looking to create users with varied permissions.

Drupal is the most stable CMS product thanks to strict version control and ease of scalability. Saying this I must add that managing and working on Drupal does require some effort. Also its not easier to find great Drupal developers in India, so it doesn’t enjoys the  India Advantage. The reason for that is though installing and integrating a design in a Drupal CMS is easy, its when managing advanced functionality the developers falter.

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