The SEO community in general doesn’t likes Google Updates. Ask any professional working in Internet Marketing and they would tell you how Panda and Penguin (Names of Google Algorithm updates) gave them nightmares. Now Why does Google needs to update algorithm ? I think we can thank this exercise to the so called SEO experts. See in a way we learned how to game the algorithm that Serge Bin and Larry Page created in the first place. This lead to search results which were ranking not on the merit of the service or content, but instead they were ranking just because the SEO’s knew how to trick the search engine crawlers and algorithm.

There are a lot of things that makes Google a great company and rapidly reinventing itself is one of the most prominent of those things. Google knew that its credibility is at stake if any Tom Dick and Harry can play with the system to get the desired rankings. So Google came up with these series of updates in to its algorithm to actually ban and penalize these so called websites which were there not on the merit but rather spamming and conning the system. So here we are in year 2014 and Google seems to have plugged all the major gaps and people have realized that the only way to get better rankings is to have great content targeted at the end user. IF you consistently produce interesting stuff for your end users, the chances are that the content and the website would reach its intended audience through Google Search results.

So that leads to a very important question, How to produce a great content which gets amplified on Social Eco-sphere. Since a small business owner can’t be expected to produce studio quality content or truly remarkable or awe inducing graphics, There are various places you can look for inspiration. There is indeed one thing that a business owner has which no agency does, Is the business expertise. No amount of research by an agency can ever match the experience and knowledge a business owner has. Following are the few websites which make it even easier to get inspirations to create remarkable content. Its a great place where people come and share interesting information. There are subreddits of every major field. The Redditors as the people on reddit fondly call them-self are a powerful group of social influencers and its a sort of a hive mind. You can use reddit to check the opinion and interest level of people.

Stumble upon : A great content aggregator, unlike Reddit Stumble Upon does not invite comments but its a great way to find interesting website on your topics of interest. : Alltop is a great website to find bloggers and thought leaders in your domain. Its a great way to see what content is being liked and similar content can be reproduced. : Aggregate content and publish it, Scoopit sends you the daily feed of interesting news and articles in your topics of interest.

There are various other resources to help you plan your social engagement cycle. The bottom line is that keep your content engaging and leave it on social media to amplify and share the good content.