Well if you happen to own a business you can not afford to ignore the importance of a Website. Why do you have a website? To get more business right !

So how do you go about it, The best way is to promote the site on search engines as thats the place your customers are supposed to go when they are looking for your product or service. While it does makes a lot more sense to hire a professional agency handling the Search Engine Marketing, It doesnt hurt to do a few things yourself if you have time. So I have come up with few of the things that you can do it on your own to get some visibility and traffic to your website. I wont be using the technical jargon so that you understand it easily.

1. Get a Google and Bing Webmaster account. This is really important as both Google and Bing give you tons of stuff to manage the site.

2. Install Google Analytics code to your website. Now this gives you the power to see what kind of people are coming to your site, reading what content and leaving where. So you get all the insights.

3. Use Social Media like Facebook and Google Plus to engage your target audience.

4. Content Content and Content, Nothing can bring you more visibility than good crisp content and it can be pictures, Videos, Articles. Just grab a lot of content and publish it on your website, and other blogs.

5. Paid advertising is also easy and gets you traffic really quick, So I would really recommend spending some monthly money on Contextual click advertisements or Display advertisements to build your brand.

6. Look at your competition and see what they are doing, It doesn’t hurt to see what other people are doing and try to get some inspiration.

Well its just that simple, Creating quality content and keeping an eye open your webmaster account.

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