CRM is the abbreviation for Customer Relationship Manager. CRM supports all the company’s interaction between current and the future customers and also it works for the various departments like technology, customer support, sales, marketing etc. CRM is also used to manage business contacts, clients and sale leads. In short, it is the one and only advanced software solution for a company’s customer relationship management and services.

Current Use of CRM and Their Strategies:

CRM provides the customer business data to help customers providing services or the products what the customer is looking for with customer support, cross-sell, up-sell and take proper care of the customer’s needs and requirements. Generally organizations look for personalized support like help desk software, phone service and other enterprise related software’s.

As such the strategies followed by CRM’s are:

  • Knowing customer thoroughly.
  • Attracting new customers.
  • Win new clients and contracts.
  • Supporting customers and greet them.
  • Increase profitability.
  • Decrease customer management costs.

The Benefits of CRM:

The biggest benefit of CRM is that all the business data can be stored and accessed from only one single location. Through the mentioned benefit all the data from all the different departments like HR, Sales , Retails, Technology etc. can be accessed and updated through one single place and employee need not to be worried and collect information from different departments. With the efficient and automated process by CRM it is easy to maintain and improve the business process.

Other major benefits include the 360 degree of customer information. Information about what customers and other general markets want, so that the latest and productive automation can be implemented with existing automation techniques.

Top 5 CRM Solutions:


1. Sugar CRM:  Sugar CRM enables business to create an extraordinary support to the customer relationships with most innovative and affordable solutions. Sugar CRM has about 1.6 million individuals spread over 120 countries with 26 different languages. Users of Sugar CRM are completely transformed with a tremendous experience in immersive, engaging and intuitive. Sugar CRM is awarded for Leaders in big market, mid-market and small market CRM suit. Mind fire solutions provide an expert Sugar CRM services in Gurgaon, India.


  • Affordable: Sugar CRM is great for the organizations which are budget conscience which are capable of investing time in their CRM product.
  • IP Socialism: Collaboration of community participants and free of vendor lock-in.
  • Good Program: Available with proper documentation and source code Sugar CRM adds extra features and also has achieved success for open source efforts.


  • Limited business: Sugar CRM’s are basically for small business solutions so if you are really planning to setup a large business, Sugar CRM solution will not help you effectively.
  • Poor reporting: Pipelines, forecasts and reporting in general are very much poor according to the past use experiences.


2. Sales Force: Sales force CRM is based on no particular size of organization. Sales Force works with all types of solution with primary method of using No Software. The company is much more focused on adding ancillary software systems on opposed to advancing the current features and adding extra to software modules.


  • Brand: Sales Force company is work oriented, aggressive and unapologetic.
  • Innovative: Company truly believe in new innovation and demand on-call with value added solutions such as Apex, Success Force, etc.


  • Flexibility: Although, Sales Force use customized tools, there are over half million people using same old services which is not a feasible option.
  • Lack of SLA (Service Level Agreement): Sales Force provide only SLA to big and large size organization which is not accepted by mid-size or small size organization.


3. Zoho:  Zoho CRM provide different management services such as Contact management, Lead management, Campaign management, Service management and service application in their areas. Zoho provides you multiple currencies only in enterprise edition; generally you are limited to 9-10 currencies. Zoho is also available in multiple language including double byte languages. Zoho CRM is inexpensive, full features and pleasure to use. Order, Support, Marketing and Sales are some of the features services by Esecforte in Faridabad, India.


  • Cost: Zoho CRM is low cost and quick to deploy CRM software solutions.
  • Online services: You can use Google Apps and Google Docs to integrate your CRM services.
  • Interface: Zoho CRM has clean and decent interface so one can use it and can find the features easily.


  • Unprofessional: Since the Zoho CRM is very user-friendly interface it looks odd and unprofessional to the service and also to the employee.
  • Error: Zoho CRM presentations with errors and bugs.
  • Levels: Zoho CRM differentiate with the level of the company. Zoho is used only by small and mid-range of organizations not with large organizations.


4. Microsoft Dynamics: Microsoft Dynamics CRM is powerful and flexible business solution that can help your people more and more productive and innovative to grow in your business. Microsoft is server-client application, uses SharePoint and other web service interfaces. After 2011 update users are allowed to use not only in Internet Explorer but also Google Chrome and Firefox. Adapt-India is a Gurgaon based company which uses MS Dynamics CRM.


  • Deployment: With an unmatched flexibility users have option to deploy as of a cloud services.
  • Real time insight: Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides sales forecast, sales history and other series to the organization along with the real time business intelligence.


  • Non innovator: Although Microsoft has the key feature of its brand, there is no such innovation done in the field of MS Dynamics CRM.
  • Can’t Be Used Offline: MS Dynamics CRM is only accessible with the use of internet, it cannot be used offline


5. Vtiger:  Vtiger CRM have built-in solutions for e-mail marketing, to activity and project management. With the high demand it is one stop organization management solution for most of the businesses. SME which are based on India and the city like Gurgaon may get more advantages from the Vtiger CRM with their best features and solutions.


  • Open Source: Since its open source software you can modify it when every ever you want.
  • Access Control: It has the capability of grouping mailboxes.


  • Complicated: Workflow and group in boxing is bit complicated.
  • Security: It has some security flaws although with constant updates you still can face some issues.

We have discussed top 5 examples of CRM solutions with their own Benefits and Weaknesses in a successful customer relationship management, which will help you to decide which one is the best for your business. Again, depending upon the organization one must select the CRM solutions. In India, in places like Faridabad, Gurgaon there are some upcoming CRM solutions which are taking place. So, it is recommended to the users to check out all the latest updates of CRM solutions to get the ultimate benefit from it.

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