You are running a business and understand the finer nuances of your business. You understand the importance of the Internet and technology for your business promotion but don’t have the time to jump in to all the mambo jambo of Google, Bing or Youtube. You understand that the Internet is the major influencers for your product and service and your target consumer uses internet to research before making any important decision regarding the purchase.
So you know that its not worth learning the ropes and spending time to build your own reputation online, you think of hiring a company which does it for you with maximum bang for the buck and without minimum investment of your time. Unfortunately its not easy to pick the digital branding agency. The reason is simple, since they are the masters of the Internet propaganda, you simply can’t apply the internet reputation rule on them. You can’t trust the Digital branding agency just by their reviews online as they know how to trick the system and cook up fake reviews. 
How do you choose the right agency than, Following are the few pointers that would help you pick the right Digital Marketing agency in India. I am keeping it India specific because there are various other posts guiding the businesses all over the world.
1. Don’t Believe What you Read or See : Since a digital branding agency will use all their skills to polish up their own profile online, Its easier to get conned by them if you trust them blindly. I would suggest calling up their clients and asking for a fair opinion. Don’t ask them for numbers, just check their client list and call a few random numbers.
2. Inspect Thoroughly : A mere thorough inspection of their online assets will reveal whether they have what it takes. It might entail reading their blogs and content on the website. Does it makes sense for you as a customer or its just been cooked to fool the crawlers of the search engine. ( Read more about Search Engine Crawlers here)
3. Don’t be afraid to as Questions : Its your money and most importantly its your business reputation at stake so dont shy away from asking uncomfortable questions. The few good starters can be asking about the business process, Team strength, Best campaigns and how they measure success. The answers should form a basis of opinion about them.
4. Investigate their Credentials : The best way to judge a digital marketing firm is by investigating the case studies, Ask them to demonstrate what they have done for a few clients and listen to the story. You can ask the questions and look for pointers. A healthy organization would have  lot of case studies where they performed a thorough research for the client and suggested them ways to build solid reputation.
5. Avoid the Duds : Since opening a digital branding agency is not a rocket science, there are a plethora of companies comprising of engineers with failed professional careers having chosen this rout to make quick bucks. You need a company with brains, which can question your decisions, which can give you suggestions and often makes you uncomfortable. You don’t want an agency which does every thing that you say.  Though you would be happy with the ones which do what you say but its not good for your brand. Right choice is always the difficult one !
6. Spend wisely but don’t be afraid to spend : You know all good things in life come with a price tag. Its important to get a bargain but not at the expense of quality. A crafty Internet Marketing Company won’t give you packaged prices and again this can be used as a pointer, The right kind of company will demand good price for their service. If some one comes across as inexpensive walk away as they must be cutting the corners some where.
 Its hugely important to make the right decision as having a right technology company by your side is the matter of life and death for a brands online reputation. One small mistake can lead to Search Engines penalizing your website for good. You need the partner you can depend upon. As they say Measure Twice Cut Once