Local SEO is one of the most important aspect for digital promotions, Its the right tool to build reputation for the local prospects and being in top of search results helps to boost sales of the product and services.website-design-faridabad-Google-Search

What is local SEO : Local SEO is a termed coined to define the means taken to get the website listed in top search results for a particular demographic location. For example ‘Website Designing company Faridabad’  is an ideal key word phrase to get the local search listings for Faridabad, Haryana. So the users looking for Website Designing Service in Faridabad will search for local businesses and being in top search results becomes so very important.

How to Get Local SEO : Google keeps on making changes in its algorithm to get most optimized results for the search users. Inorder to rank in top 10 its really important to follow the ethical practices. Following are the important steps that one can take to be on top of search results.

1. Citations Building : Make sure your website is listed in all the local citations listing services. Your entries should be correct and there should not be any duplicates. The good citations site examples are tradeindia and indiamart.com

2. Local Content : The more local content you have the better are the chances of you being ranked on top. So write articles that interest your local community and the target users. Dont’ write articles for search engine robots. Instead write them for the actual user.

3. Social Media : The best outreach for your local market is social media, reach the communities on facebook and linkedin and engage the local users with the exciting content. Posting discount coupons for your local users on social media is one of the great ways to engage the users.

4. Optimize : your website should be optimized for local content and should have anchor texts, keywords in titles and descriptions etc. You can take services of an expert to get the site optimized correctly to get top rankings.

5. Reviews : One of the best ways to build reputation is to get online reviews. It not only improves the chances of listing but also the Click through rate goes higher as well.

Following the above steps would ensure that the site remains on top of the search results for your local search listings. Its important to add engaging content for the users and to get more visibility and hence more business.

The basic don’ts of this local SEO practice is

1. Don’t use duplicate content at all.

2. There should be no location duplicates in structured citations.

3. There should not be any difference in HTML Location Map and Places location map.

4. Don’t use unethical means to get promoted.

5. The content should be written for Users rather than search engine robots.