There has been a lot of efforts in the past to create a connect between the conventional print advertising with the Digital Content. No one can deny the reach and effectiveness of Print advertising, People still like the feel of the paper and Print advertising is the favorite medium for brand managers and advertisers.
Interactive Print advertisingWith the advent of the digital media things are changing rather too fast for the comfort of media planners, Now we have websites, Social Media and Video content for the brand along with Geo Location which all are important for the advertiser as it engages the user a lot more. Further if the so called digital content can be coupled with the print media you also get all important statistics on who all watched your content and you get important metrics to plan your campaigns better.

Augmented Reality Advertising is seen as one of the most important step in bridging the gap between the print and digital content. Not only does it gives the end user more options to access the digital content, It also give the brand manager the options to create campaigns based on both digital and print media. Its a long way to go before this really catches on as with every new technology AR too is having its usual teething issues. But Augmented Reality is the future and would be definitely more acceptable mass marketing solution in the days to come.