Magento is by far the most used open source ecommerce platform, Its hugely important to optimize the website for more conversions, Performance Security and Engagement are the three pillar stones to boost the sales of your Magento Store.

Business activities have greatly changed in today’s modern world. As technology advances, people are increasingly becoming accustomed to online shopping. Marketing has also shifted to E-commerce platforms. The power of marketing on a shopping platform lies squarely on your ability to convert a visitor to a customer. Such small tricks can unearth incredible ability of your site to create more business and profit. Here are tips on how to improve the conversion of your magento based online store.

  1. Site performance optimization Magento

Websites should be optimized to allow cross-border compatibility. They should appear same in all browsers whether; Chrome, Safari, Internet explorer, Firefox or Opera. Websites should use all web browsers to ensure uniformity of content. Codes and designs from sites that are not optimized may not look similar in different web browsers. Images and videos are also increasingly becoming an important part of site optimization. Having the most optimized website can make it earn a top position on the first page of search engines. The speed of your internet website is also vital. Quick loading website performs better in every front and even leads to improved search rankings. This will, in turn, lead to higher visitor traffic. Users should never be prompted to install a new browser or switch to a different one in order to access a website. Following two tools can help you check the performance of the website


  1. Importance of mobile friendly interface

Smartphones and tablets are becoming increasingly used in online shopping. In 2013, it was found out that mobile phones accounted for 15% of all internet traffic. Having a mobile friendly interface will give you a competitive advantage over competitors. This has prompted online marketers to make mobile-friendly interfaces. This will definitely widen your marketing scope.

  1. Cross-sell, up-sell and related products effectively

Up selling and cross-selling are powerful strategies to boost your order size. However, when up selling, you should only offer related products whose cost is 60% less than the product added to shopping carts. Eye catching banners boost the conversion chances when cross selling. Make sure that you choose the right products to cross sell.

  1. Single page checkout to lower abandoned carts.

A single checkout process is encouraged as it is possible for shoppers to postponed it and continue shopping through such a navigation button thereby eliminating the probability of exiting before completing their intended shopping. A longer checkout process also tends to nerve shoppers and this often causes them to terminate the process prematurely.

  1. Live chat room support for quick assurance.

It was found out that 77% of retailers who use live chat applications consider them a critical communication tools. Contact details can also be provided are they are known to build customer’s trust. You can use the free Account by Zopim to install.

  1. Other extensions that keep user engaged.

You should add features to your page that keeps users engaged at all times. Shoppers get bored after spending time searching for products and this may cause premature termination. To avoid this, shoppers should be kept engaged by employing strategies such as mind teasers that require critical thinking.

  1. Detailed product descriptions, Pictures, and positive reviews help in conversions.

When describing a product, you should not use manufacturer’s description. Similarly, when operating a multi-store, every store should get its independent description. Key features of the product should be highlighted at the beginning, product descriptions should be kept as natural as possible. The highlighted points will increase readability and improve understanding. Shoppers are always in a hurry, so product descriptions will be their first landing points. A summary of the entire description should also be created.

  1. The importance of Site security.

New users have a big concern for your site’s security. To assure buyers, you should make a list of common doubts and objections which should be well addressed on home pages and shopping carts. There are a few scanners that can help you check whether you have the latest patches on your version of magento as well as giving you other security tips. You can use one of the free scanners below for the same.