Its been a crazy few weeks, HeartBleed has given the Server Administrators sleepless nights. The extent of damage is yet to be calculated but one thing is for sure that this bug has surely dented the reliability and credibility of open source philosophy. Well this does not implies that the closed source is a better model for safety, who can forget the major issues with Windows Servers and entire industry created just to make windows safe.

Its important to know as a business owner or a home user on how can we save ourselves from the threats that this bug has created.

Lets Understand Hearth Bleed : All the webservers use some form of Encryption to secure the data. Out of them around 66% use Open SSL Encryption as it has been a standard form of encryption protocol. Now Open SSL is used to Encrypt all forms of data like usernames, passwords and other pertinent data. A Vulnerability was discovered by a team of 4 people and one of them was from Google named Neel Mehta. Though the team who found it states that the chances that this vulnerability has been used by any hacker in last two years is negligible. Heart Bleed allows the hackers to fish for your data on the servers and the consequences can be identity theft.

What Can I do to protect Myself :
Since your online data is at the risk of being stolen following are the steps you can take.

1. Change the passwords to your online accounts, but please make sure that these sites are patched first. You can check the latest list of patched sites at the link below.

2. Don’t use the same password across various websites.

3. You can use solutions like Last Pass to keep your information secure.

Again, Please do this Urgently to keep your information secure. In case you have any further questions please feel free to speak to our support staff @ 9312145830. Visit @